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a Fullmetal Alchemist icontest based around lyrics

HAGAREN_LYRICON ;; a fullmetal alchemist icontest
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A weekly Fullmetal Alchemist icontest.

[ submitting icons ]
✔ A new submissions post will be put up sometime on Sunday.
✔ Icons must contain at least three consecutive words from the week's lyrics.
✔ Icons must be your own creations. That is, no stealing other people's work. BREAKING THIS RULE (and getting caught) IS CAUSE FOR BANNING FROM THE COMMUNITY.
✔ Icons must be new and never shown on LiveJournal before; this includes userpics.
✔ Fan art is acceptable; however, try your hardest to find and credit the artist.
✔ You may enter up to three icons per week.
✔ Icons are due by Saturday, 12:00 AM Central time. There may be weeks when this time changes.

[ voting ]
✔ Anyone is allowed to vote.
✔ You may not vote for your own icon(s).
✔ Do NOT ask your friends to vote for you.
✔ Vote for only ONE icon per category/place.
✔ Voting begins whenever the post goes up. Your current mod fails like that.


[ moderators ]
Creator/Moderator - shoats
Amazing Co Mod - pleuvoir
Banner Maker - tehaiko
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[ community ]
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