⇉ kasuka。 (envydia) wrote in hagaren_lyricon,
⇉ kasuka。

Week 6 Winners

First Place:

by bodyline

Second Place: TIE

by bodyline

by envydia (thanks!)

Third Place:

by pleuvoir

We seem to have the same people winning most weeks... understandable, because only a few people submit every week.
Can you guys recommend any good places to advertise this community? I'd love for us to get more members/entries/votes. :)
Any help would be much appreciated.

Don't forget to submit to week 7!
animemangalims still has three spots left, by the way. You've still got time to sign up... hint, hint.
Also pimping out shounenbattle. Sign-ups are still open!
Tags: week 6, winners
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