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Week 9 Submissions

This Week's Song:
Another Angel Down - Avantasia

I am the master of the game
that made a fool of you
I'm watching from the highest tower
You've got the aura to enchant them - and a symphony
and I've got the power

You better taste - they call it life: my special area
I'm breeding winners over there
Ain't it a sin to turn your back
On what you're given
It's time to take your share

God left me for dead - I've been turning my head
Away from the living - the time has come
To gamble for gain - To tear down the gate
And see what's inside

We rock the ball
Been smashed to the ground
Arose from devotion
to take a look and see what is inside.
Sight of the crown: Another angel down

We rock the ball
I'm facing my pain
A rage and a symphony
driven by the wounds I cannot hide
Rise above the crowd: Another angel down

We see a black hole will be left up in the starry sky
We gotta mourn another angel
If I am just a light descending to caducity
It's still so far away

There's no tomorrow
I dont remember yesterday
I'm just living for tonight
And all we learn I'm not gonna waste no more
Spare what's divine

They left you for dead
Turning your head
Away from the living
From flesh and blood
You've got the draw, and desire to claw
For fortune and fame


Note: Other lyrics for this song that I have found have minor
differences compared to mine but if you listen for yourself and compare
I think you'll find that mine are correct.
✔ Icons must use three consecutive words from the lyrics of any song; however, your icon must include Greed!Ling somehow.
✔ Icons must be new and never shown on LiveJournal before; this includes being shown as a userpic.
✔ Fan art is acceptable; however, try your hardest to find and credit the artist.
✔ You may enter up to three icons.
✔ Icons are due on November 8, 12 AM EST.

[ submissions ]

Comment on this post to submit your icons.
Icon submissions must be in this format:

Icon submission: < img src= " url goes here " > (remove the spaces)
URL of icon:
Artist: (if fanart)
Anything else?:
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