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Week 3 Winners


There was a bit of a problem with the winners this week as our first, second, and third place entries were all by the same user. This didn't seem quite fair, as this person submitted three entries while everyone else submitted only one, so I've decided to create a new rule:

If one user takes both first, second, and third place, and there is no Mod's Choice/Special Category that week, the fourth highest placed icon will also be eligible to receive a banner as an "honorable mention". This is so we can continue to have more than one winner per week. Anyone who thinks this is unfair may comment on this entry (comments are screened).

First place:

by etherealxlolita

Second place:

by etherealxlolita

Third place:

by etherealxlolita

Honorable mention:

by envydia

Please go to custom_banners for your banner.

Also? All the armor!Al love this week was awesome. ♥ I was expecting every icon to be movie!Al...
Tags: !new rule alert, week 3, winners
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